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'Anna herself is full of laughter, but very serious about creativity'

J Sandison



Quotes from Participants

Anna spends a lot of time casing the places she takes her Art group. Whether it is going from a wide open space to a dark, mysterious woodland landscape, she puts a lot of thought into what will stimulate our work. Not knowing where you are going beforehand also gets the creative juices flowing. I found that really exciting.  I liked the combination of individual critiques and group feedback - both made me think and I learnt so much from other participants. Anna herself is full of fun and laughter but also very serious about creativity. You feel you are part of an important endeavour and it pushed me creatively.  I couldn't recommend her more highly - I shall be coming again!

J Sandison

I was just about to write and say what an amazing time I had with the varied painting experiences, landscapes visited and discussions on work.  You certainly put a lot of time and effort into looking for venues to visit that gave me the chance to go to sites that I wouldn't necessarily have chosen. The scenery in Cornwall is stunning and the wild flowers and the stratified layering of the rocks on that last walk was really impressive.

J Syme

What a wonderful week we had. I suspect that, like me, your mind is still full of the extraordinary places we went to and the stirring journey we went on. All thanks to you, Anna. It couldn't have been more inspiring. Thank you so much.

A McKillop

The chosen locations, the supportive, generous atmosphere fostered in the group and the insightful and sensitive critiques helped me to produce, I think, my best drawings so far.  I came away with a reinforced commitment to continue working at improving my artwork.
Thank you for your insightful thoughts on what to do next.

T Mayhew

Anna's aim was for us to experience some of the ancient story of the rock, sea, and woodland landscape, as well as to have an awareness of the industries which grew out of that landscape such as tin mining and fishing. To do this she needed us to get right out into the landscape and had carefully selected sites which at times required a fairly long trek from the car. Needless to say a good level of fitness (plus wellies or good walking boots) was required as we yomped with all our equipment over moors or into ancient woods through ankle deep mud! The locations were worth the effort, however, as they inspired us all to produce works which generated much discussion on our return to Zennor.

Most of the group of eight were experienced painters. The beginners, however, were soon producing paintings and drawings that more than held their own among the works by the more experienced painters. Personally I was delighted with the work I managed to produce on site with Anna's advice and encouragement, and have returned home with a raft of new images from which I am already beginning to create new paintings.

A Dall Oglio

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