Anna Loveday Minshall Fine Arts
  Series Introduction

Green Series

Early works drawing directly on the Cornish landscape and processing mentoring from Patrick Heron.

75 Nocturne 76 Diurne 77 Zip 78 Lotus leaves 79 Berlin 80 Fall
Nocturne Diurne Zip Lotus leaves Berlin Fall
81 Light Blue and Dark Blue 82 Dark Blue and Light Blue 83 Vilassar Des Mar 84 Somewhere 85 Cornish Mist 86 Harbour
Light Blue and Dark Blue Dark Blue and Light Blue Vilassar Des Mar Somewhere Cornish Mist Harbour
87 February 88 Crocus 135 Deer Park 57 circinate Plan 58 Easter Quince Tree 60 Self Portrait
February Crocus Deer Park circinate Plan Easter Quince Tree Self Portrait
61 Olive Tree 62 Melow Fruits and Wistfulness 63 Auvergne Apple Tree 64 Mimi Cat and France    
Olive Tree Melow Fruits and Wistfulness Auvergne Apple Tree Mimi Cat and France    


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